Business Email Lists

Contacting companies using business email lists is a complex endeavor. Other email list providers boast about their quality emails but when you get the list, it’s full of info@, sales@, contact@ emails that are not the best way to get

Consumer Email Lists

The name of the game when incorporating consumer email lists into your marketing mix is what we call “triple-opted-in”. No longer have email list providers been successful sending out your message to millions upon millions of emails using their general

Email Broadcast

Sending out an email broadcast on your own can not only be frustrating and ineffective due to the increasingly intelligent spam filters and strict CAN-SPAM regulations, but it can also be dangerous because your email servers could easily be shut

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Choosing Express Email Lists means the difference between spamming versus targeting. With decades of experience in email marketing and providing 100% guaranteed, triple opt-in email lists, our customers take it to the bank because we verify each and every email address is live and active before delivering your email database to you.

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“We recommend that you call EEL. They cared about our results, not just cashing our check. Refreshing, in this age of burn and turn list companies.”

Bill V. - BHOL Owner

98% of their lists delivered and we got sales. Can’t complain.”

H. Sand - OMS Owner

“We looked for an email list provider to build our in house list and wasted money on some bad lists. All we got were lists full of hotmails, gmails, yahoos…etc. which we didn’t trust (and they never produced any results). Express sold us real business addresses and once we got our target market right, we started generating some good sales from their lists.”

Mary B. - Pink House Owner

“List worked great. Got some sales on first blast and we haven’t even gone through the entire list. We’ll definitely use EEL again.”

Bill H. - Z Corp. Owner